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The upkg directories in /var/lib and /var/cache are taking up too much disk space. Can I delete them?

/var/lib/upkg contains important information about the currently installed packages, required to be present when upgrading or removing packages. You can however regularly delete /var/cache/upkg as this is only a local cache of the installed packages. They will be downloaded again when necessary.

What meaning do the branches have in paldo?

There are 4 different branches in paldo: stable, testing, unstable, and experimental. You surely think you've already heard of them somewhere else. These are the same branch names that the Debian project uses. However, our branches are a little different. Stable is (what a wonder) the most stable branch. It's also the only branch which will have real releases. Stable shall be released 4 times a year. You can expect the the versions of the applications in stable to be similar to those in Debian testing or unstable. This is why we propose you use paldo stable unless you are interested in paldo development or a bleeding-edge system. Testing holds all packages which will be released in stable during the next release cycle. Unstable holds development versions of packages we are specially interested in. It also contains new packages which are so unstable that they are not usable in a normal manner. Experimental is the playground for new toolchains and really new stuff changing the bases of paldo, so really off the hook.

What's the default root password?

The default password for root is "paldo".

Why can't I burn cds in CD Creator?

You need to add your user to the "cdrom" group to have permission to burn cds.

Why can't I hear any sound in my desktop applications?

You need to make sure that your user is in the "audio" group to have permission to listen to and record music.

Why can't I switch wireless networks with the wireless applet?

You need to make sure that your user is in the "network" group to have permission to scan for and configure wireless networks.

Why doesn't graphics acceleration work?

You need to add your user to the "video" group to have access to accelerated 2D and 3D graphics. Keep in mind that not all video drivers do support acceleration in Linux.

Why is application foo not installed but bar which does the same task?

We generally (with very few exceptions) provide only one application to do a task. We choose this app which we think does its work best. If you think we've chosen badly, then post your arguments for that application to our Forum. There's perhaps a chance to convince us :).

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