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About this tutorial

Some people want to help a distro by maintaining packages. This helps to have the newest packages in the distro much faster. If you want to be a mainrepo-maintainer, this is the right way to become one.

How it works

First you'll be a trainee. Therefor you have to send your favorite maintainer of your distro your packages and toughts about the repository. If he says "it is ok", you'll get an account to commit your packages yourself.

The hard way

First you have to get the newest SVN of the repository. The SVN includes only the spec-files. Create a working folder and use this command to get the newest checkout:

svn co svn:// specs-svn

Create also "specs/sources" folders to have the normal repository-structure.


Now place your tarballs into the "sources" folder and the specs into "specs"

Test your packages on your local pc. If all works fine change to the "specs-svn" folder and open a terminal there. Enter the command "svn up" to get the newest version of the repository. Copy your specs you want to add to the main-repository into the "specs-svn" folder. A "svn st" shows you the changed specs.

Now you have to create a "SVN diff"-patch to show your maintainer what you changed in the repository. Do this by this command:

svn diff ~/specs-svn-YOURNAME-DATE.changes

Sent the changes-file to or the email address of your maintainer.

If he likes the packages he will ask you to upload it somewhere so he can commit it to the main-repository. After a while he will give you permission and an account to commit it yourself.

Tutorial by Müller Philip (aka Amnon82) - 09.09.2007

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