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by Philip Müller

To install paldo GNU/Linux using our LiveCD follow the instructions below. Experienced users may wish to use the bootstrapping method of installation.


[edit] Download

Download the newest LiveCD from here:

Burn the iso with your favorite CD burning application such as brasero, k3b or cdrecord. Reboot your pc and boot from cd.

[edit] Booting the CD

You will see this boot screen:


Choose your language and press enter.

[edit] Starting the installer

To start the installer click on "Install paldo" on the desktop.


[edit] Language Selection

Then you'll see this welcome window:


Here you can re-choose the language settings if you want. Press "forward" if done.

[edit] Partitioning


Now we are in the partition window. Choose the partitions you want to use for paldo. Click on "Edit" if you want to change your partitions. Gparted will do the job. Press "forward" when done.

[edit] Configuration


In the System Configuration window you can setup the Network settings and the root password. Press "forward" when done.


Enter your user settings and press "forward".

[edit] Installation


The Confirm window gets displayed. Read it carefully and click "forward" if you want to install paldo this way.

Image:Installation_1_010.png Image:Installation_2_010.png Image:Installation_3_010.png

When the installation is done press "forward".


The installation went well. Press finish to close the installer. Now you can reboot your system to enjoy paldo GNU/Linux.

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