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Upkg Command Reference

Command Description Example
Package Installation
upkg-add adds a package upkg-add jre
upkg-build builds a package upkg-build jre
upkg-buildd package build daemon
upkg-install installs a package upkg-install jre
upkg-reinstall reinstalls a package upkg-reinstall jre
Package Deinstallation
upkg-remove removes a package upkg-remove jre
Package Monitoring
upkg-check checks whether a package is correctly installed upkg-check jre
upkg-list lists all installed packages on your paldo system upkg-list
upkg-search searches for a file upkg-search java
upkg-show shows all files of an installed package upkg-show jre
System Installation
upkg-bootstrap installs paldo system upkg-bootstrap --branch=stable paldo-desktop
upkg-chroot command to change into the root folder upkg-chroot /upkg
upkg-repair-index repairs upkg package index upkg-repair-index
upkg-upgrade upgrades your paldo system upkg-upgrade
upkg-repo lists repository sources
upkg-sync synchronizes package repositories
upkg-xref lists all installed files and the corresponding package
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