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Do you miss a feature or a package? Or is there something else we can do for you? Feel free to add you wishes here


missing packages / packages with problems


For Trays

kde4 probs

following issues need to be fixed in order to get KDE4 into the 'testing' branch:

  • /usr/etc/xdg/menus/applications.menu (kdelibs)
  • /usr/etc/xdg/menus/kde-information.menu (kdebase-runtime)
  • /usr/etc/ksysguarddrc (kdebase-workspace)
  • /usr/etc/systemsettingsrc (kdebase-workspace)

kde4 deps

This is a list of optional packages which kde (4.0.0) looks for. Most of them are not yet in the paldo repo (some are, but kde doesn't find them):

  • kdebase-workspace:
    • lm-sensors (this is available in nicu's repo.. hope to commit it within the next days)
    • captury
  • kdemultimedia
    • TunePimp -> needs libofa which is not free (). Won't add it to repo.
  • kdegraphics
    • CHM
    • libgs
  • kdeutils
    • tpctl
    • LibZip (is probably in the repo)
    • LibArchive
  • kdewebdev
    • libtidy (this is available in nicu's repo.. hope to commit it within the next days)
  • kdenetwork
    • libvncserver
    • mDNS
    • xmms -> only used in kopete to show what xmms is playing ;)
  • kdeartwork
    • Xscreensaver
  • kdegames
    • ggz-client-libs
  • kdeedu
    • OCaml
    • LibFacile
    • OpenBabel2
    • libcfitsio
    • libsbigudrv
    • libnova


the hp-toolbox binary is included in the hplip package. However it's not builded because of missing pyqt. Maybe we could add those packages:

However this is a bit insane as it would require QT for installing hplip.. maybe we could split the package or solve it in an other sane way


new communication application based on telepathy


Seems to be a quite nice thing in times every webpage is full of blinking ads:

Privoxy is a web proxy with advanced filtering capabilities for protecting privacy, modifying web page data, managing cookies, controlling access, and removing ads, banners, pop-ups and other obnoxious Internet junk.

See [4]


just a nice frontend for bluetooth infrastructure, GNOME-oriented.

  • Diogo Lima: There is already on the repo the gnome-bluetooth and the bluez-gnome.


That's the only thing that prevents a faithful GNOME-er to get rid of Firefox: Epiphany and some other parts of GNOME depenend on FF. Even now, when the WebKit support for epiphany is far from being usable, epiphany's interface is faster than XUL.

Scientific packages

Paldo has things like TeX and even the emacs mode for TeX, so, why not go a bit further and include maxima, gnuplot and maximas interfaces (wxMaxima and iMaxima or maxima.el for emacs)? That can satisfy a lot of needs in math. And a scheme programming mode (slime, quack, etc) for emacs could be really nice, too.

Framebuffer console+bootsplash+graphical GRUB

Well, of course this isn't really vital, it doesn't make things any faster, etc.(however, Paldo does have things like compiz) But an OS looks really scaring when it makes you dive into those endless logs from the very beginning. Probably, that would be OK even if noone makes up any Paldo-dedicated theme, but anyway that would make things nicer. And some colour-scheming for the console could be really nice, too.

Openbox, Fluxbox, or someother lightweight desktop

Paldo is already really fast, but it could be even faster!

  • Diogo Lima: I think it's fast but Paldo already have xfce which is light and fuctional, but you can always create your own local repo if you really need.

Latest x86_64 unstable Live CD to fit into 700MB

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