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So why did we create paldo? There are hell a lot of different linux distributions out there! Why is there a need for a new one?

We generally like distros which don't provide fancy extratools to configure a linux system. Therefore we like debian very much as it tries to reduce the debconf part as much as possible. Debian has one major drawback: It tries to suit everyone. More than 9000 packages (but of course not 9000 different tasks) achieve an immense variety of applications but they raise problems as they generate an inconceivable amount of possible system configurations, which can't be tested individually. It supports a lot of architectures, which we think is a major advantage and disadvantage of debian; it's very good to have a large project which actively supports porting many GNU/Linux packages but the many architectures have a drawback, look at their release cycles, it lasts ages till they get all packages working on all archs.

We wanted a distribution where it's easy to support cutting-edge technology. We wanted a distribution where it's easy to hack on a package which needs to be fixed and improved. We wanted a distribution which is very easy to handle and where it is a joke to add new packages.