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Boot CD

Here you can download a bootable rescue / installation cd containing a base paldo system. It allows you to install or build paldo on a computer without requiring an already installed system. You can also use it as a bootable rescue system, it includes disk and network tools. Have a look at the dependencies of the rescue-cd package to get a detailed listing what's included.

Default password for the root user is set to "paldo"

Latest x86_64 stable Rescue CD

Image Size:460 MB
Build Date:2018-12-15 09:31 UTC
rescue-cd-x86_64-stable.iso (MD5 checksum)

Latest x86_64 unstable Rescue CD

Image Size:460 MB
Build Date:2018-12-14 09:59 UTC
rescue-cd-x86_64-unstable.iso (MD5 checksum)